Rolling Duffel

Rolling Duffel

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Rolling Duffel

Designed for Rapid and Safe Movement of an MCI Response Kit by a Single Resource
The necessary equipment needed to establish ICS Medical Branch positions can weigh upwards of 90lbs.
Moving these vests, tarps and worksheets from a vehicle to a central position for rapid dissemniation can
tax resources and pose a safety risk. The new rolling duffel system overcomes detainments by allowing
a single resouce to move an entire response kit into position with ease.

Key Features:
► Ruggedized for Harsh Field Conditions
► Dual Compartments for Optimal Equipment Storage*
► All Cordura® Waterproof Construction
► Reinforced Caster System to Cover Rough Terrain
► Cinches to 30" x 18" x 15" When Fully Loaded

 Rolling Duffel
 No Contents

*MCI Supplies Not Included



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