All Risk® Triage Tags, Non-Wristband

All Risk® Triage Tags, Non-Wristband

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All Risk® Triage Tags, Non-Wristband

Available in Standard • Florida • Military
Optimized for use as a secondary assessment and patient tracking tool, the All Risk® Triage Tag provides treatment personnel the ability to document patient condition and care while awaiting transport. The enhanced transportation receipt, when used with the receipt holder, streamlines ambulance loading and ensures that patient number, acuity and destination are documented and available for quick reference.

Key Features:
► Waterproof / Blood Proof
► Bar Code for Tracking & Property ID
► Evidence Identification
► Presence of Contamination
► Primary & Secondary Decon
► Blast Injury Indicator
► Tourniquet Applied
► Airway Management (OPA/NPA)
► GCS Indicator
Known Allergies Area

• 50 Triage Tags Per Pack 

NOTE: Florida Version uses the term "EXPECTANT" rather than "MORGUE"
NOTE: Military Version uses the terms "EXPECTANT" rather than "MORGUE" and "MINIMAL" rather than "MINOR"


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