Evac123 Tabletop Training for Hospital-Care Facility Evacuation

Evac123 Tabletop Training for Hospital-Care Facility Evacuation

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DMS-06011 - Evac123® Tabletop Training Kit for Hospital or Care Facility Evacuation
HICS Compliant Patient Accountability from DMS. Applicable to NHICS facilities.

Hospital patient evacuation using our large tabletop map is now simplified. No need to shut down a wing of your hospital for drills in order to understand the logistical challenges of hospital evacuation. Step 1. Room Evacuation.  in this tabletop training kit, staff prepare and evauate 10 patients from their rooms to a staging area using Evac123® Patient Evacuation Tags. Prioritize patients and manage your limited movement resources. Once patients are moved to Step 2. Staging and Transport. The "Staging Manager"  uses transport cards and works with off-site destination facilities to move patients in the best possible method. Step 3. Destination/Receiving. Effectively distribute patients to receiving facilities based off care levels and bed type availability. Provide verification when patients arrive safely.

This Turnkey Portable Self-contained kit includes everything you need to conduct countless exercises. Just add your Evac123® system.

The DMS-06011 - Tabletop Kit Includes:
• Large roll-out vinyl facility map with map tube.
• 2 destination facility maps.
• 10 oversize patient cards.
• 4 oversize transport cards.
• Quick Start Guide.
• Patient Chart Binder with Patient Labels.
• Training Video.
• 20 - DMS-05854 Evacuation Tags
• 1 - DMS-05855 Step 1 Room Evacuation Receipt Holder.
• 1 - DMS-05858 Step 2 Transportation Receipt Holder.
• 1 - DMS-05859 Step 3 Destination Receipt Holder.
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