Essentials + Peds Kit

Essentials + Peds Kit

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Essentials + Peds Kit

JumpSTART and S.T.A.R.T. in One Kit
Ideal for expanded learning on the adult and pediatric S.T.A.R.T. triage algorithm.

Kit Contents:
 32 Adult Victim Cards*
 32 Lanyards*
 Ambulatory Stands*
 4 Mini Treatment Tarps*
 Pad of 25 IC Worksheets*
 16 Laminated Prompt Cards*
 Instructor's Quickstart*
 8 EMT3® Pamphlets*
 32 Pediatric Victim Cards
 32 Lanyards
 Box of 250 Triage Wallet Cards
 5 Pt. Tally Sheets w/ Clipboard
 6-Bay Ribbon Dispenser Bag
 Pack of 20 Pt. Count Cards


*Also Included in the Essentials Kit (DMS-05844)

​DMS-05894E for EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
​DMS-05894H for Hospitals