EOC Flag & Vest Kit for Small Towns and Private Industry

EOC Flag & Vest Kit for Small Towns and Private Industry

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Emergency Operations Center (E.O.C.) Vest and Flag Kit (Small Towns & Private Industry)


E.O.C.’s have proven to be an indispensable asset for small cities and private industry. Following a disaster of any type the emergency operations center is where planning, response, recovery and business continuity plans are coordinated. This Disaster Management Systems' E.O.C. kit provides both geographic and personnel identification, as set forth in the National Incident Management System NIMS.

Is your area prone to windy conditions? Add the optional DMS-05742 water weights when placing your order and save.

The NIMS/ICS EOC Flag & Vest Kit includes:

  • EOC Command Post - Flag
  • EOC Security - Vest
  • PIO - Flag & Vest
  • Liaison - Vest
  • Safety Officer - Vest
  • Emergency Manager - Vest

  • Operations Section - Flag
  • Operations Section Chief - Vest

  • Logistics Section - Flag
  • Logistics Section Chief - Vest

  • Planning Section - Flag
  • Planning Section Chief Vest

  • Finance Section - Flag
  • Finance Section Chief - Vest

  • Fire - Vest
  • Public Health - Flag & Vest
  • Law - Flag & Vest
  • Public Works - Flag & Vest
  • Public Utilities - Flag & Vest
  • Responsibility Sheets
    for Each Position
    with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bag
Dimensions: 29.12 x 14.37 x 16.00