All Risk® Triage Tags w/Linked Receipt System Pk of 50

All Risk® Triage Tags w/Linked Receipt System Pk of 50

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The All Risk®; Wristband Triage Tag with Linked Patient Association Receipt System is specifically engineered as an integral part of the new EMT3 (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment and Transportation) System. It features updates such as a larger, more detailed Transportation Receipt, an added Ambulance receipt, and a repositioned Contamination strip now located at the bottom of the tag. This forces determination as to whether patient is contaminated or not before triage. We've added a Red/Yellow/Green RE-TRIAGED check circle receipt above Morgue making it possible to downward triage without deploying a second triage tag. We have also added a shortened tag number for easier radio transmission. Originally developed in cooperation with RACs in the State of Texas.

Standard features include:
• Blast Injury Indicator
• Tourniquet Applied
• Airway Management (OPA/NPA)
• Glasgow Coma Scale Indicator
• Known Allergies Area

Link-enabled All Risk® Triage Tag features:
• Three Linked receipts with barcodes
• Create multiple links for any patient
• Writing area for descriptive notes
• Adhesive back to fix to objects or tags
• Form into loop for fastening to collars
• High visibility that patient is linked

Use dropdown to choose:
a) Standard DMS-06079 Linked Tag
b) DMS-05904 NCTTRAC version
c) DMS-06007 NTRAC version

Packaged in packs of 50

Printed on Bloodproof, Waterproof Durawrite™ Synthetic paper.