Triage Training Tags

Triage Training Tags

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Train with the DMS-05876 Triage Tag Trainer in a tabletop drill as well as live drills. Like our All Risk® Triage Tags, these paper card stock tags are optimized for EMT3® (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment and Transport). Tags are designed for drills only as they are reoccurring numbers.

•    Mimics our All Risk® Triage Tag but with abbreviated information for training purposes
•    Printed on less expensive non-waterproof card stock
•    Can be used in tabletop training
•    Also can be used by attaching to lanyards of DMS gingerbread man victim doll when used in live drills
•    Military Standard Bar Coding for Tracking & Personal Property Identification
•    Detailed Transportation Receipt
•    Ambulance Receipt
•    Personal Property Receipt
•    Presence of Contamination
•    Primary/Secondary Decon
•    S.T.A.R.T. Triage Prompter

50 per pack

DMS-05876, Standard version

Florida Version - (EXPECTANT)

Military Version - (EXPECTANT, MINIMAL)

NOTE: Florida Version uses the term "EXPECTANT" rather than "MORGUE"

NOTE: Military Version uses the terms "EXPECTANT" rather than "MORGUE" and "MINIMAL" rather than "MINOR