Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kit - Small Facility

Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kit - Small Facility

Product Code: DMS-05523
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The DMS-05523 is a 10 Position Kit designed for small facilities.

Disaster Management Systems’ NIMS/ICS Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kits incorporate HICS job action sheets and ICS forms into a scalable response tool designed for CHC use.  Recognizing the vital position that Community Health Centers play in our nation’s medical delivery system, these tools have been created to fit the unique needs of our national Community Health Center network.

The DMS-05522 CHC Dry Erase Command Board is an essential companion piece to this product. See "Related Products" above..

Command - White Vests
   CHC Incident Commander
   CHC Public information Officer
   CHC Liaison Officer
   CHC Safety Officer

Operations - Red Vests
   CHC Operations Section Chief
   CHC Medical Care Branch Director
   CHC Security Branch Director
Planning - Blue Vests            
   CHC Planning Section Chief

Logistics - Yellow Vests
   CHC Logistics Section Chief

Finance - Green Vests
  CHC Finance Section Chief