Fire/EMS Disaster Management Products

In mass-casualty incidents, it is important to have dependable equipment in your disaster-relief plan. That is why we provide disaster management products for fire departments and EMS agencies.

Our disaster management products for fire/EMS professionals will allow first responders to quickly enact an emergency triage system that utilizes our triage ribbon dispensers and color-coded organization system. You will be able to establish treatment areas by utilizing our color-coded tarps (used for demarcating treatment areas with different purposes). You will also be able to ensure patients are re-triaged and tracked off-scene utilizing our triage tags and ICS medical branch forms. 

Our NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation systems ensure proper REHAB of members utilizing a simple but effective REHAB tag-and-accountability system. Shop our fire/EMS disaster relief products to better prepare your staff for an all-hazard approach to incident management. 

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