MCI Tabletop Training Kit - No Training Vests

MCI Tabletop Training Kit - No Training Vests

Product Code: DMS-05841
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The New DMS-05841 Triage-Transport-Tracking Tabletop Training Kit for MCIs (same as DMS-05817 but without the position vests) is designed to simulate a disaster response utilizing table top sized mats enabling the instructor to present the scope of the response and impart understanding prior to an actual drill or event. This kit is now Optimized for EMT3™ (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment, and Transport)

View the EMT3/START Video

1 - DMS-05778 EMT3™ Go-Kit

1 - DMS-05763 EMT3™ Primary Triage 6-Bay Ribbon Bag

1 - DMS-05785 EMT3™ Instructor’s Flip Chart

10 - DMS-05809 EMT3™ Instructional Pamphlets

 4 - 1/8 Scale Treatment Tarps
      1 red (immediate treatment)
      1 yellow (delayed treatment)
      1 green (minor treatment)
      1 black (morgue)

50 - DMS-05420 All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags

1 - Deck of 32 DMS-05843 Standard Adult Victim Cards for Training

1 - Flight Case

View the EMT3/START Video