NFPA 1584 REHAB Accountability System, 2015 Edition

NFPA 1584 REHAB Accountability System, 2015 Edition

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The DMS-05987 NFPA 1584, 2015 Edition REHAB Personnel Accountability System provides a simple, scalable method to deploy incident rehabilitation with the required documentation and accountability process.

Intuitive Workflow Based Design
• Simplifies rehab into a simple step-by-step process
• Easy to learn, easy to use self-teaching system
• Ensures proper and effective rehabilitation of personnel
• Meets all updated NFPA 1584 process requirements
• Includes quick-reference to all 1584 charts and SOPs

Accurate Accountability Procedure
• Numerical matching color-coded check-in / release process
• Log multiple crews or individuals simultaneously
• Logs and tags provide a permanent record of rehab activity
• Bar-coded tags allow for integration into ePCRs

Tag-Driven System for Optimized Rehab
• Eliminates issues of marker-based accountability systems
• Tags are proven to keep members in rehab until released
• Rugged waterproof tags resist misting, rain and sweat
• Name / tag number correlation provides HIPAA privacy

1 - Manager Station Portfolio with 1584 reference material, charts and quick-start guide.
20 - DMS-05985 REHAB Personnel Accountability Receipt sheets (enough to document 6 members per sheet)
4 - DMS-05990 Weather Form Adhesive Backed Pads
1 - Clipboard with pen
100 - DMS-05986 NFPA 1584, 2015 Edition Firefighter Rehab Tags (2 Packs - 50 tags per Pack)

DMS-05987 NFPA 1584, 2015 Edition Accountability System
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