EMT3® Go-Kit Refill Package

EMT3® Go-Kit Refill Package

Product Code: DMS-05784
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DMS-05784 EMT3 Go-Kit Refill Package

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• DMS-05769 Triage Count Worksheet Refill Pack of 5
• DMS-05775 Ambulance Staging Resource Form Refill Pack of 5

• DMS-05788 Treatment Unit Leader Count Form Refill Pack of 5
• DMS-05768 Triage Tag Receipt Holder Refill Pack of 6
• DMS-05767 Transportation Receipt Holder Refill Pack of 5
• DMS-05751 Initial Triaged Patient Count Card Refill Pack of 20
• DMS-05533 Bed Availability Worksheet Refill Pack of 25
• DMS-05743 Glasgow Coma Scale/JumpSTART Cards Refill Pack of 10