MCI Ready + Vests Triage Training Kit

MCI Ready + Vests Triage Training Kit

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MCI Ready + Vests Triage Training Kit

Ideal for Full-Scale MCI Exercises
Vests for all key ICS medical branch positions make this the definitive training kit.

Kit Contents:
• 9 Vests (Choice of Dynamic or Window Vests)
32 Adult Victim Cards (DMS-05843)
• 32 Lanyards
• Ambulatory Stands
• 4 Mini Treatment Tarps (DMS-06210)
• Pad of 25 IC Worksheets (DMS-06078)
• 16 Laminated Prompt Cards
• EMT3® Instructional Flip Chart (DMS-05785)
• Instructor's Quickstart
• 10 EMT3® Instructional Pamphlets (DMS-05809)
• 50 All Risk® Triage Tags (DMS-05420)
• EMT3® Go-Kit with Full Contents (DMS-05778)
• 6-Bay Ribbon Dispenser Bag (DMS-05763)
• Pad of 25 MCI command Worksheets (DMS-05562)
• MCI The Movie DVD w/ Bonus Training Content (DMS-06025)
• Triage Training Wheel (DMS-05930)
• Rolling Duffel (DMS-06082)

Vest Positions Included:
Choice of Dynamic or Window Vests
• Triage Unit Leader (Blue Vest)
• Treatment Unit Leader (Blue Vest)
• Minor Treatment Manager (Green Vest)
• Delayed Treatment Manager (Yellow Vest)
• Immediate Treatment Manager (Immediate Vest)
• Morgue Manager (Black Vest)
• Medical Communications Coordinator (Blue Vest)
• Ground Ambulance Coordinator (Blue Vest)
• Patient Transportation Unit Leader (White Vest)


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