Essentials + Triage Kit

Essentials + Triage Kit

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Essentials + Triage Kit

Take Your Training to the Next Level
The perfect upgrade to highlight the Triage Unit Leader position
responsibilities and real-world ribbon dispensing. Perfect for CERT.


Kit Contents:
 32 Adult Victim Cards (DMS-05843)
 32 Lanyards 
 Ambulatory Stands
 4 Mini Treatment Tarps
 Pad of 25 IC Worksheets (DMS-06078)
 16 Laminated Prompt Cards
 Instructor's Quickstart
 8 EMT3® Pamphlets
 Triage Unit Leader Vest
 10 Triage Wallet Cards (DMS-05704)
 5 Pt. Tally Sheets w/ Clipboard (DMS-05769)
 4-Bay Ribbon Dispenser Bag (DMS-05895)
 MCI The Movie DVD w/ Bonus Training Content (DMS-06025)



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