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  • Mini Treatment Area Tarps
    Mini Treatment Area Tarps Great Addition to Any Triage Tabletop Kit Simluates a realistic triage training experience when combined with any of our Victim Cards. Kit Contents: • 4 Mini Treatment Tarps (25" x 16")        • Red, Immediate Mini T..
  • SimTac City™ Tabletop Simulator
    SimTac City™ Tabletop Simulator Tabletop Simulator for Law Enforcement & Unified Command Training No more whiteboards or sketchpads. With SimTac City™ tactical and command training becomes an interactive and immersive experience. Designed to give tactical operators and command elements t..
  • Triage Tabletop Training Essentials Kit
    Triage Tabletop Training Essentials Kit A "Must Have" for any Triage Training Program This comprehensive tabletop kit contains everything needed for effective triage training. Designed to simulate a disaster response utilizing tabletop-sized tarps and victims. Kit Contents: • 32 Adul..
  • Essentials + Triage Kit
    Essentials + Triage Kit Take Your Training to the Next Level The perfect upgrade to highlight the Triage Unit Leader position responsibilities and real-world ribbon dispensing. Perfect for CERT.   Kit Contents: • 32 Adult Victim Cards (DMS-05843) • 32 Lanyards  ..
  • Essentials + Peds Kit
    Essentials + Peds Kit JumpSTART and S.T.A.R.T. in One Kit Ideal for expanded learning on the adult and pediatric S.T.A.R.T. triage algorithm.   Kit Contents: • 32 Adult Victim Cards (DMS-05843) • 32 Lanyards  • Ambulatory Stands • 4 Mini Treatment Tarps •..
  • Active Shooter Victim Cards - Deck of 32
    Active Shooter Victim Cards Rescue Task Force Training These oversized cards provide a simple, but effective means to train triage and extrication during warm zone operations. The multitude of penetrating trauma injury-types test the responder's ability to apply the proper treatment and..
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  • Blast Injuries Deck
    Blast Injuries Deck Designed for Today's Threats These cards have symptoms commonly found in shrapnel and overpressure incidents. Key Features: ► Ideal for Tabletop Exercises or Actual Drills ► Initial and Secondary Triage Assessments ► Hole for Triage Ribbons Contents:..
  • Enhanced Blast Injury Tabletop Training Kit
    Enhanced Blast Injury Tabletop Training Kit Teaches Patient Management and Triage in a Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Caused by an Explosion. Gives your tabletop drill the realism of a full-scale drill.  Key Features: ► Ideal for Tabletop Exercises or Actual Drills ► ..
  • MCI The Movie
    MCI The Movie Take your MCI Training to New Levels by Showing this DVD to Your Class Before Your Tabletop / Live Drill. First half of the video allows students to follow real firefighters as they triage patients and establish the command system needed to transport patients off-scene. In the s..
  • Impact Injuries - 3 Deck Series
    Impact Injuries - 3 Deck Series 3 Separate Decks for a Total of 100 Victims An assortment of injuries commonly found in incidents where the MOI involved has sudden deceleration or impact with an object. Each card has both initial and secondary S.T.A.R.T. Triage assessments. Key Features: ..
  • SURGE Tabletop Training for Hospitals
    SURGE Tabletop Training for Hospitals Optimize Your Facility's Ability to Effectively Manage a Patient Surge with this Tabletop Training Kit Players assume HICS position roles under the command of the Casualty Care Unit Leader as they prepare for and manage an influx of injured patients arriv..
  • Evac123 Tabletop Training for Hospital-Care Facility Evacuation
    Evac123® Tabletop Training Kit for Hospitals and Facilities Hospital / Facility Evacuation Simplified in a Portable, Self-Contained Training Kit No need to shut down a wing of your hospital for drills anymore. In this kit, staff prepare and evacuate 10 patients using our Evac123® Patient Evac..
  • Adult S.T.A.R.T. Victim Set*
    Adult S.T.A.R.T. Victim Set Ideal for Classroom or Drill Scenario No need to manually make up victim index cards prior to your drill any longer. With these victim cards, personnel can attach initial triage ribbon through arm holes. Kit Contents: • 32 Victim Set • 32 Lanyards •..
  • MCI Ready Kit
    MCI Ready Kit Teaches All Aspects of MCI Response Teaches how to establish the Medical Branch Command and movement of patients through the Triage, Treatment and Transport process. The definitive training kit. Kit Contents: • 32 Adult Victim Cards • 32 Lanyards • Am..
  • MCI Ready + Vests Training Kit
    MCI Ready + Vests Training Kit Ideal for Full-Scale MCI Exercises Dynamic vests for all key ICS medical branch positions make this the definitive training kit. Kit Contents: • 32 Adult Victim Cards* • 32 Lanyards* • Ambulatory Stands* • 4 Mini Treatment Tarps* •&nbs..