Evac123 Tabletop Training for Hospital-Care Facility Evacuation

Evac123 Tabletop Training for Hospital-Care Facility Evacuation

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Evac123® Tabletop Training Kit for Hospitals and Facilities

Hospital / Facility Evacuation Simplified in a Portable, Self-Contained Training Kit
No need to shut down a wing of your hospital for drills anymore. In this kit, staff prepare and evacuate
10 patients using our Evac123® Patient Evacuation System.

Key Features:
► Teaches How To Prioritize Patients
► Teaches Resource Management
Conduct Countless Exercises

 Roll-Out Vinyl Map w/ Tube (36" x 60")

 2 Destination Facility Maps
 10 Oversize Patient Cards
 4 Oversize Transport Cards
 4 Inject Cards
 Quick Start Guide
 Training Video
 Patient Binder w/ Labels
 1 Evac123® Tag Pack (DMS-05854)
 1 Evacuation Receipt Holder Pack (DMS-05855)
 1 Transportation Receipt Holder Pack (DMS-05858)
 1 Destination Receipt Holder Pack (DMS-05859)


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