Active Shooter Victim Cards - Deck of 32

Active Shooter Victim Cards - Deck of 32

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Active Shooter Victim Cards

Rescue Task Force Training
These oversized cards provide a simple, but effective means to train triage and extrication during warm zone
operations. The multitude of penetrating trauma injury-types test the responder's ability to apply the proper
treatment and determine if the patient is salvageable for extracation to the Casualty Collection Point.
Cold Zone responders in the MCI then utilize S.T.A.R.T. to triage the patients and prioritize for transport.

Key Features:
► 32 Victim Cards with Various GSW Injuries
► Ideal for Rescue Task Force or TEMS Training
► Casualty Collection Point for S.T.A.R.T. Triage
► Lanyards Included for Use in Drills

Kit Contents:
 Deck of 32 Oversized Victim Cards
 Instructor's Cheat Card
 Casualty Collection Point Tarp
 32 Lanyards
 Mini Treatment Area Tarps*

​*Optional add-on. 

DMS-06210* Set of 4 (25" x 16") Mini Treatment Area Tarps


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