Campus Mobile Incident Action Plan Kit

Campus Mobile Incident Action Plan Kit

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Emergency preparedness simplified with this 9 position kit. Establishing command quickly is critical for effective emergency response. The DMS Campus Mobile Incident Action Plan Kit empowers Incident Commanders with the toolset necessary to lead effectively. Lightweight, rugged and portable, this command kit is a must-have for any educational institution.

Rapid Access to Job Action Sheets and Worksheets for ‘Critical 9’
Incident Command System (ICS) Positions printed on
Waterproof/Tear-Proof synthetic paper.
•    Incident Commander
•    Search and Rescue Group
•    Campus Operations Section Chief
•    Campus Logistics Section Chief
•    Campus Planning Section Chief
•    Campus Care Supervisor
•    Medical Group Supervisor
•    Campus Public Information Officer
•    Campus Release Group Supervisor

Features include:
•    Set of 12 Waterproof/Tear-proof IC Incident Action Plan Worksheet Forms (IAP)
•    Clipboards and Pens
•    Job Specific Waterproof/Tear-proof Worksheets for Each Position
•    Job Action Sheet CD


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