Rapid Response Kit for MCIs - 9 Position

Rapid Response Kit for MCIs - 9 Position

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Designed to accomodate most MCIs, the 9 Position Rapid Response® Kit is an all inclusive tool to triage, treat and make ready for transport, any number of patients. Now includes the exclusive EMT3™ Go-Kit, this completely self-contained Rapid Response Kit will integrate seamlessly into the Incident Command System which has been Adopted by Most Fire Departments and E.M.S. Providers throughout the United States .

Our basic DMS-05001 - 9 Position Rapid Response Kit includes all of the items listed below:

  • 4 - 15' x 20' color coded treatment tarps to immediately establish and identify treatment areas
  • 9 - key I.C.S. position vests for rapid deployment
    • Triage Unit Leader*
    • Treatment Unit Leader*
    • Minor Treatment Manager*
    • Delayed Treatment Manager*
    • Immediate Treatment Manager*
    • Morgue Manager
    • Medical Communications Coordinator*
    • Patient Transportation Unit Leader*
    • Ambulance Coordinator*
  • Now includes a Complete EMT3 (Enhanced Method Triage - Treatment - Transport) Go-Kit
  • 50 All Risk® Triage Tags. A DMS Exclusive. Developed to aid in the treatment of contaminated patients. A must for incidents involving industrial accidents, chemical or biological contamination. Waterproof and durable. May be decontaminated with patient.
  • Common-sense forms to provide for accurate patient accountability. Pencils, pens and clipboards included.
Item # DMS-05001 Rapid Response Kit w/9 ICS Positions (includes vests, forms, tarps, tags & more)

15' X 20' Tarps

Add Optional "Incident Commander" Vest and Responsibility Sheet and SAVE over $10 when placing order.


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