Rapid Response Kit for MCIs - 9 Position

Rapid Response Kit for MCIs - 9 Position

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Designed to accomodate most MCIs, the 9 Position Rapid Response® Kit is an all inclusive tool to triage, treat and make ready for transport, any number of patients. To help ensure that your next MCI runs as efficiently as possible, our basic 9 Position Rapid Response Kit now includes all of the vital components of our exclusive EMT3™ Go-Kit. This completely self-contained Rapid Response Kit will integrate seamlessly into the Incident Command System which has been Adopted by Most Fire Departments and E.M.S. Providers throughout the United States .

Our basic DMS-05001 - 9 Position Rapid Response Kit includes all of the items listed below:

  • 4 - 15' x 20' color coded treatment tarps to immediately establish and identify treatment areas
  • 9 - key I.C.S. position vests for rapid deployment
    • Triage Unit Leader*
    • Treatment Unit Leader*
    • Minor Treatment Manager*
    • Delayed Treatment Manager*
    • Immediate Treatment Manager*
    • Morgue Manager
    • Medical Communications Coordinator*
    • Patient Transportation Unit Leader*
    • Ambulance Coordinator*
  • 50 All Risk® Triage Tags. A DMS Exclusive. Developed to aid in the treatment of contaminated patients. A must for incidents involving industrial accidents, chemical or biological contamination. Waterproof and durable. May be decontaminated with patient.
  • Common-sense forms to provide for accurate patient accountability. Pencils, pens and clipboards included.
Item # DMS-05001 Rapid Response Kit w/9 ICS Positions (includes vests, forms, tarps, tags & more)

15' X 20' Tarps

Add Optional "Incident Commander" Vest and Responsibility Sheet and SAVE over $10 when placing order.


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