QuaranTag™ Quarantine Isolation Monitoring System

QuaranTag™ Quarantine Isolation Monitoring System

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QuaranTag™ Quarantine / Isolation Monitoring System

This System Provides A Way to Not Only Label a Quarantined Patient, but Also Monitor Their Release
A Quarantine / Isolation system designed to assist healthcare providers and healthcare facilities in labeling & monitoring
patients who are under quarantine or isolation. Use the QuaranTag™ to not only label patient rooms, but also the patient
via a tag that can either be attached to the patient via the string, wristband, or applying directly to patient's equipment.
This system also allows you to link the patient to their personal property + monitor their release status.

Key Features:
► Printed on Blood Proof, Waterproof Durawrite™ Material
► Adhesive Strip on Door Tag and Wristband
► Initial Release Date + 2 Revision Dates
► Personal Property Receipts (2)
SOAP Notes on Back of Tag
► PPE Reminder

 20 QuaranTags™

 4 Monitoring Receipt Holders
  (Each Holds 5 Tag Receipts)

Storage Clipboard




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