Staff T-Card System

Staff T-Card System

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DMS-06115 Staff T-Card System
Fulfills the CMS Staff Tracking Requirement!

Reliably Track Your Staff During Emergency Events. Works When the Power Doesn't!

Easily and reliably manage all aspects of staff tracking with this self-contained mobile accountability system. Based off the proven T-Card tracking process used by the Incident Command System, this updated version is greatly simplified and optimized for tracking facility staff.

Quick lookup of a tracked staff member's location is always just a glance away with no concern of an electronic system failure. Post incident after action documentation is easily fulfilled by simply photocopying the receipt holders.

80 - DMS-06114 T-Cards (5 perforated synthetic card sheets yielding 16 T-Cards each)
1 - Pack of 4, DMS-06113 T-Card Holders (synthetic card pocketed holder holds up to 20 T-Cards each)
1 - Job Action Sheet (JAS)
1 - Slimcase Storage Clipboard
1 - Pen

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