Evac123® Large Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation 200 Package (SNF)

Evac123® Large Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation 200 Package (SNF)

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DMS-05857 Evac123® Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation 200 Package (SNF)

Applicable to NHICS facilities.

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Track the evacuation of up to 200 patients


200 - Evac123 Evacuation Tags (DMS-05854)
10 - Evac123 Room Evacuation Storage Clipboards
20 - Evac123 Room Evacuation Receipt Holders (DMS-05855


1 - Evac123 Transportation Storage Clipboard
20 - Evac123 Transport Receipt Holders (DMS-05858)

1 - Evac123 Destination Storage Clipboard
20 - Evac123 Destination Receipt Holders (DMS-05859)

1 - Evac123 11x17 Instructional Flip Chart (DMS-05879)

100 - Evac123 Instructional Pamphlets (DMS-05905)


Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation Simplified with the Evac123 Modular Evacuation System from DMS. The system utilizes 3 components.


1. Room Evacuation

2. Transportation/Staging

3. Destination


The Evac123™ system integrates your facility's plan for patient evacuation and tracking with your patient record system. The Evac123™ system was developed to simplify patient tracking in an evacuation event.


Use for Emergency Evacuation, Planned Evacuation, or Patient Relocation


NHICS Compliant Patient Accountability

• Simplifies patient tracking by integrating your hospital generated patient labels

• Reliable patient reunification

• Utilizes DMS receipt sleeves for accountability

• Bilingual tag

• Tested workflow process

• As easy as 1 - 2 - 3


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