Evac123® HICS 255 Transportation 2 Package Skilled Nursing Facilities

Evac123® HICS 255 Transportation 2 Package Skilled Nursing Facilities

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DMS-05860 Evac123® Transportation Step 2 Package Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
Applicable to NHICS facilities

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Component 2 of the 3 component Evac123® Skilled Nursing Facility Evacuation System is HICS 255 Staging and Transportation.


The Evac123™ System was developed by Disaster Management Systems in close coordination with care professionals in an effort to simplify patient tracking from hospital to destination. This new system seamlessly integrates with your existing patient record system by utilizing standard pre-printed patient labels (2 5/8" x 1" - Avery 8160 or equivalent). Get CMS Compliant!


Evac123® was designed as a modular system, fully scaleable to work with any size facility.


The DMS-05860 Skilled Nursing Facility Transportation Kit comes with enough receipt holders to track evacuation of 200 patients.

• Complete patient tracking and accountability

• Reliable patient reunification

• Effectively train staff in minutes with instructor flip chart

• Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Evac123® Skilled Nursing Facility Transportation 2 Package


4 - Packs of 5 DMS-05858 HICS 255 Transportation Step 2 Receipt Holders
1 - Transportation Manager Responsibility Card on Synthetic Card Stock

1 - Transportation 2 Storage Clipboard

1 - Ball Point Pen

1 - Evac123 Pamphlet


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