Compact 4-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser

Compact 4-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser

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Compact 4-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser

Designed to Maximize Speed and Efficiency of Ribbon Triage
This 4-bay ribbon dispenser provides responses the ability to provide initial triage and
record adult and pediatric immediate counts quickly and efficiently in any environment.

► ANSI High-Reflectivity Stripe
► Side, Mesh Pocket for Gloves and Shears*
► Dons on Waist or Shoulder
► Holds up to 4 - 300' Rolls of Ribbon
► Prevents Tangles and Rooster Tails
► Designed and Assembled in America!

 4-Bay Ribbon Dispenser
 2 Grease Pens
 Prompt Card
 Laminated/Resuable Count Card (DMS-05902)
 4 vertically mounted 300' triage colored ribbons feed easily preventing "rooster tails"
   • IMMEDIATE - Red
   • DELAYED - Yellow
   • MINOR - Green
   • EXPECTANT/MORGUE - Black/White Diagonal Stripe for easy identification in low light

*Medical Supplies Not Included



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