DMS-05981 LE Life-Pak Tactical Ribbon Bag

DMS-05981 LE Life-Pak Tactical Ribbon Bag

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Law Enforcement LIfe-Pak Tactical Ribbon Bag 

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Access LSI (Life-Saving Intervention) Supplies When Needed Most!
Optimized for Law Enforcement - Tactical Emergency Care Compliant (TECC)
Active Shooter or routine medical run, this versatilte chest pack is optimal for any situation
that may require LSI. This pack meets the demands of high-intensity events.

Key Features:
Neck-Sling Design for Rapid Donning and Eyes-Free Access to LSI & Tactical Gear
► Internal and External Molle Webbing for Custom Configurations of Supplies
► Optional Loadout Package to Fit Your Specific Needs
► Velcro® Front Flap for Attachment of Agency Placard (Placard Not Included)
► Rugged Cordura® and YKK® Construction

DMS-05981 Contents:
 2 Grease Pens
 1 Tethered, Reusable, Laminated Initial Triage Count Card
 (4) 300' Triage Ribbon
   - DELAYED - Yellow
   - MINOR - Green
   - MORGUE - Black/White Stripe for Easy Identification in Low Light

NOTE: Magazines and Magazine Pouches Not Included.

DMS-05978L Tactical LE Advanced Loadout Contents:
 3 CAT Tourniquets
 1 SWAT Tourniquet
 2 Chest Seals
 (2) 6" Israeli Bandages
 (2) 12" Israeli Bandages
 (2) 4 1/2" x 4 1/8" Kerlix® Roll Bandages
 (1) 4" Kerlix® Roll Bandage
 (4) 4x4 Gauze Bandages
 (2) 2" Medical Adhesive Tape
 2 Pairs of Surgical Gloves
 2 Pairs of Trauma Shears
 2 Nasopharyngeal Airways w/ Lube, 28 Fr
NOTE: Magazines and Magazine Pouches Not Included.

​DMS-05981 Law Enforcement Life-Pak Tactical Ribbon Bag Only.

DMS-05983 Armor Plate

DMS-05978 Tactical LE Advanced Loadout


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