SRS™ 7 Position Surge Response Go-Kit for Hospitals_

SRS™ 7 Position Surge Response Go-Kit for Hospitals_

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SRS™ 7 Position Surge Response Go-Kit for Hospitals

SRS™ Surge Response System - The Standard for Surge Movement
Resource optimization and intuitive tools are key elements to mitigate a hospital surge situation.
™ Surge Response System from DMS utilizes components of our EMT3® System which is a proven
method of enhancing the three key surge operational elements: Triage, Treatment and Transport.

Key Features:
► Full Patient Accountability
► HICS 2014 Compliant
Intuitive Forms for Each Position
Weatherproof / Waterproof Position Forms
► Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport
► Compact 7 Position Kit 10" x 14" (When Folded)

 50 All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags (DMS-05525)
 50 All Risk® Pediatric Dual Wristband Triage Tags (DMS-05525)
 10 Glasgow Coma Scale / JumpSTART Pediatric Cards (DMS-05743)
 7 Key HICS Medical Care Branch Positions w/ Clipboards + Essential Forms

• Triage Unit Leader
• Casualty Care Unit Leader
• Immediate Treatment Manager
• Delayed Treatment Manager
• Minor Treatment Manager
• Expectant/Morgue Manager
• Transportation Unit Leader


NOTE: DMS-05763 Triage Ribbon Bag sold separately


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