Evac123® HICS 255 Transportation (Step 2) Package

Evac123® HICS 255 Transportation (Step 2) Package

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Evac123® HICS 255 Transportation Package

Step 2 of the 3 Step Evac123 System - HICS 255 Staging & Transportation
HICS / NHICS Compliant patient accountability system. Integrates with your facility's evacuation plan
and provides patient tracking and record keeping. Developed to simplify patient tracking in the event
of an evacuation. For more information on how the system works, please download the Evac123 FlipChart

Key Features:
► Track Evacuation of up to 200 Patients
► Effective Patient Tracking Tool
► Records Continuity of Care

 20 Transportation Receipt Holders (DMS-05858)
 Transportation Storage Clipboard w/ Responsibility Card
 Evac123® Pamphlet
 Ball Point Pen


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