Disaster Evacuation Tracking Kit

Disaster Evacuation Tracking Kit

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Disaster Evacuation Tracking Kit

Works in Conjunction with all DMS Disaster Evacuation / Special Needs Evacuation Tags
Efficiently track victims from incident to intended destination. Effectively track evacuees and/or special
needs evacuation victims with the Evacuee Tracking System. Reconcile your patients' / evacuees' category
receipts and destination receipts for a clear managerial picture of the incident. 

Key Features:
Waterproof / Blood Proof Forms
► Works in Conjunction with Disaster Evacuation Tags
► Works in Conjunction with Special Needs Evacuation Tags

 Patient Tracking System Portfolio Cover

 Pad of 25 Disaster Evacuee Tracking Sheets (DMS-05506)
 (2) 25 Packs of Disaster Evacuation Tags (DMS-05582)
 50 Pack of 2" Adhesive-Backed Patient Category Pouches
 50 Pack of 3.5" Adhesive-Backed Destination Category Pouches



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