Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 29 Positions

Dept of Health Command Vest Kit - 29 Positions

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Department of Health Command Vest Kit

NIMS/ICS 29 Position Vest Kit
Not just bags of vests, every position is shipped with their responsibility sheet, clipboard and pen.
Ready to deploy as soon as you receive them. The NIMS/ICS 29 Position Department of Health
Command Kit is a must for quick deployment of Department of Health positions and helps meet
the requirements of the national response plan.

Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Nylon, Break-Away Vests
► High-Glow ANSI Reflective Stripes

Kit Contents:
 29 Dynamic Position Vests
 Responsibility Sheets for Each Position
 29 Clipboards & Pens
 Durable Carry Bag

Vest Positions Included:

•    Incident Commander
•    Public Information Officer
•    Safety Officer
•    Liaison Officer

•    Operations Section Chief
•    Epidemiology Group Supervisor
•    Medical Care Group Supervisor
•    Environmental Group Supervisor
•    Pre-Hospital Group Supervisor
•    Disease Control Group Supervisor
•    Mass Fatality Group Supervisor
•    Laboratory Group Supervisor

LOGISTICS (Yellow Vests)
•    Logistics Section Chief
•    Support Branch Director
•    Communications Branch Director
•    Personnel Support Group Supervisor
•    Message Development Group Supervisor
•    Message Reproduction/Distribution Group Supervisor
•    Tech Support Group Supervisor
•    Volunteer Support Group Supervisor
•    Information Monitoring Group Supervisor

PLANNING (Blue Vests)
•    Planning Section Chief
•    Situation/Information Analysis Group Supervisor
•    Documentation Group Supervisor
•    Technical/Subject Matter Experts

FINANCE (Green Vests)
•    Finance/Administration Section Chief
•    Financial Records Group Supervisor
•    Accounting Group Supervisor
•    Compliance Group Supervisor



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