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Window Flags

Customize Your Flags
Window placards for versatility and graphics. Let us know the post position and we'll print it for you
on water-proof, synthetic paper. Or request to leave the inserts blank and you can print your own.
All flags are two-sided.
Choose between standard tripod stand and tabletop, weighted stand.

Key Features - Standard Tripod Stand:
► 82" for Optimal Visibility
► Telescopic Pole
► Fold-Up Tripod Base
► All-Weather, Fade-Resistant Nylon Flag

Contents - Standard Tripod:
 Flag Position
 Fold-up Tripod Base
 Telescopic Pole

Key Features - Tabletop Weighted Stand:
► 40" for Visibility
► Telescopic Pole
► All-Weather, Fade-Resistant Nylon Flag
► Weighted "Donut" Stand to Prevent Tipping & Save Desk Space

Contents - Tabletop Weighted Stand:
 Flag Position
 Telescopic Pole
 Weighted "Donut" Stand

Flag Dimensions: 12.00 x 24.00



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