Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kit - 31 Position

Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kit - 31 Position

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Community Health Center (CHC) Command Kit for Larger Facilities

NIMS/ICS Command Kit Incorporates Job Action Sheets and ICS Forms Into a Scalable Response Tool
Designed for CHC use, recognizing the vital position that Community Health Centers play in our nation's medical delivery
system. These tools have been created to fit the unique needs of our national Community Health Center network.

Key Features:
► ANSI II Compliant
► One Size Fits Most
► Synthetic Nylon, Break-Away Vests
► High-Glow ANSI Reflective Stripes

Kit Contents:
 31 Dynamic Position Vests
 31 Job Action Sheets + ICS Forms
 31 Clipboards & Pens
 Durable Carry Bag

Vest Positions Included:

Command - White Vests
 CHC Incident Commander
 CHC Public information Officer
 CHC Liaison Officer
 CHC Safety Officer
 CHC Medical/Technical Specialist

Operations - Red Vests
 CHC Operations Section Chief
 CHC Staging Manager
 CHC Registration Unit
 CHC Mental Health Director
 CHC Medical Care Branch Director
 CHC Security Branch Director
 CHC Triage Unit Leader
 CHC Treatment Unit Leader
 CHC Immediate Manager
 CHC Delayed Manager (Yellow Vest)
 CHC Minor Manager (Green Vest)
 CHC Morgue Manager (Black Vest)
Planning - Blue Vests             
 CHC Planning Section Chief
 CHC Resources Unit Leader
 CHC Situation Unit Leader
 CHC Patient Tracking
 CHC Documentation Unit Leader

Logistics - Yellow Vests
 CHC Logistics Section Chief
 CHC Service Branch Director
 CHC Communcations Unit
 CHC Support Branch Director
 CHC Employee Health & Well Being Unit
 CHC Labor Pool & Credentialing Unit

Finance - Green Vests  
 CHC Finance Section Chief

 CHC Time Unit Leader
 CHC Procurement Unit Leader



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