EMT3® Quick Kit

EMT3® Quick Kit

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DMS-05810 EMT3 Quick Kit

For Small Incident Response
Most MCIs are small in nature and will not require establishing treatment areas.
In these types of incidents the emphasis is on rapid transport and patient tracking.
To optimize this task, the single clipboard Quick Kit combines the MedComm and
Patient Transportation Unit Leader positions for expedited transport.

Key Features:
► Ensures All Patients are Tracked Properly Off Scene
► Enclosed Clipboard Kit Easily Fits in Any Vehicle
► Optimal for Use in Small Incidents
► Allows Any First-In Unit to Begin the Patient Transport Process

Kit Contents:
 5 Bed Availability Worksheets (MedComm) (DMS-05533)
 30 Triage Tags (Wristband Version) (DMS-05420)
 5 Transportation Receipt Holders (DMS-05767)
 Storage Clipboard with Pen
 Patient Transportation Unit Leader and MedComm Job Action Sheets



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