EMT3® Go-Kit

EMT3® Go-Kit

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EMT3® Go-Kit

A Systems Approach to MCI Management
The EMT3® Go-Kit provides the incident commander rapid access to the critical position forms
and job action sheets critical for effective MCI mitigation. Fully scalable for any size incident,
EMT3® Go-Kit will ensure each resource has the tools needed to be effective at their position.
EMT3® 8 Position Vest Kit is an ideal addition to this Go-Kit to allow for another level of organization. 
If you're in need of additional positions (9-13), tarps, and a rolling duffel to allow for easy storage and
movement, then one of our
EMT3® Rapid Response Kits will be the right choice for your department!

Key Features:
► Easily Stores in Any Vehicle
► Compact 8 Position Kit 10" x 14" (When Folded)
► Weatherpoof/Waterproof Position Forms
► Enhances Triage, Treatment and Transport
► Ensures the Rapid Establishment of Command
► Intuitive Forms for Each Position

Kit Contents:
 8 Key ICS Medical Branch Positions w/ Clipboards
 (5) 10 Packs of All Risk® Wristband Triage Tag Starter Packs (DMS-05420)

 Chemlight to Illuminate Kit During Night Operations
 JumpSTART / GCS Reference Sheets (DMS-05743)
 Inventory / Re-Order Form

ICS Positions Included:
 Triage Unit Leader
 Treatment Unit Leader
 Minor Treatment Manager
 Delayed Treatment Manager
 Immediate Treatment Manager
 Medical Communications Coordinator
 Ground Ambulance Coordinator
 Patient Transportation Unit Leader

DMS-05778V - EMT3 8 Position Vest Kit


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