Firefighter REHAB Accountability System

Firefighter REHAB Accountability System

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Firefighter REHAB Accountability System
Replaces DMS-05987

Turn-Key Portable Portfolio Provides Full NFPA 1584 Compliance
Be it a veteran REHAB Manager or a new volunteer, this all-in-one easy to understand kit ensures effective
firefighter accountability for any NFPA compliant REHAB area. 

Key Features:
► Simple and Concise Documentation System
► NFPA 1584 Compliant
► Ensures Proper and Effective REHAB of Personnel
► Intuitive Check-In, Check-Out Process
► HIPPA Compliant Medical Record Keeping
► Synthetic Paper Withstands Mist, Sweat and Rain

Kit Contents:
 Storage Clipboard with QuickStart Guide
 1584 Reference Material
 20 REHAB Personnel Accountability Log Receipt Holders (DMS-06228)
 100 Firefighter REHAB Tags (DMS-05986)



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