Fire/EMS Disaster Management Products

In mass-casualty incidents, it is important to have dependable equipment in your disaster-relief plan. That is why we provide disaster management products for fire departments and EMS agencies.

Our disaster management products for fire/EMS professionals will allow first responders to quickly enact an emergency triage system that utilizes our triage ribbon dispensers and color-coded organization system. You will be able to establish treatment areas by utilizing our color-coded tarps (used for demarcating treatment areas with different purposes). You will also be able to ensure patients are re-triaged and tracked off-scene utilizing our triage tags and ICS medical branch forms. 

Our NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation systems ensure proper REHAB of members utilizing a simple but effective REHAB tag-and-accountability system. Shop our fire/EMS disaster relief products to better prepare your staff for an all-hazard approach to incident management. 

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  • 6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser
    6-Bay Triage Ribbon Dispenser Designed to Maximize Speed and Efficiency of Ribbon Triage In any environment, this 6-bay ribbon dispenser provides responders the ability to provide initial triage and record adult and pediatric immediate counts quickly and efficiently. Key Features: ►&..
  • All Risk® Triage Tags w/ Patient Wristband
    All Risk® Triage Tags, With Patient Wristband Available in Standard • Florida • Military Optimized for use as a secondary assessment and patient tracking tool, the All Risk® Triage Tag provides treatment personnel the ability to document patient condition and care w..
  • All Risk® Triage Tags w/Linked Receipt System Pk of 50
    The All Risk®; Wristband Triage Tags with Linked Patient Association Receipt System is specifically engineered as an integral part of the new EMT3® (Enhanced Method of Triage, Treatment and Transportation) System. It features updates such as a larger, more detailed Transportation Receipt, an added A..
  • EMT3® Go-Kit
    EMT3® Go-Kit A Systems Approach to MCI Management The EMT3® Go-Kit provides the incident commander rapid access to the critical position forms and job action sheets critical for effective MCI mitigation. Fully scalable for any size incident, EMT3® Go-Kit will ensure each resource has the t..
  • ICS Operational Area Flag Kit
    ICS Operational Area Flag Kit Aids in Top Down Organizational Development This command flag kit will help with land marking of key positions, identify key personnel, reduce radio traffic, expedite face to face communication, provide a clearly defined operation area and simplify unified comma..
  • Mini Treatment Area Tarps
    Mini Treatment Area Tarps Great Addition to Any Triage Tabletop Kit Simluates a realistic triage training experience when combined with any of our Victim Cards. Kit Contents: • 4 Mini Treatment Tarps (25" x 16")        • Red, Immediate Mini T..
  • SALT All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags
    SALT All Risk® Wristband Triage Tags Compatible with EMT3® System for More Efficient Patient Tracking Optimized for use as a secondary assessment and patient tracking tool, the All Risk® Triage Tag provides treatment personnel the ability to document patient condition and care while aw..
  • SimTac City™ Tabletop Simulator
    SimTac City™ Tabletop Simulator Tabletop Simulator for Law Enforcement & Unified Command Training No more whiteboards or sketchpads. With SimTac City™ tactical and command training becomes an interactive and immersive experience. Designed to give tactical operators and command elements t..
  • Treatment Area Tarp Kit
    Treatment Area Tarp Kit Designed Specifically for MCI Response Oversized 15' x 20' specialized MCI tarps with layout lines for optimal patient placement and quick reference patient numbers. Key Features: ► Waterproof and Easy To Clean ► Metal Grommets for Staking ► Pati..
  • Triage Tabletop Training Essentials Kit
    Triage Tabletop Training Essentials Kit A "Must Have" for any Triage Training Program This comprehensive tabletop kit contains everything needed for effective triage training. Designed to simulate a disaster response utilizing tabletop-sized tarps and victims. Kit Contents: • 32 Adul..
  • 9 Position Rapid Response Kit
    9 Position Rapid Response Kit For Small to Mid-Sized MCIs Upgraded with our Rolling Duffel which is designed for effortless and safe movement by a single resource. This all-inclusive tool is built to triage, treat and make ready for transport any number of patients allowing departments to ac..
  • Dual Wristband Pediatric Triage Tags - Pack of 50
    All Risk® Pediatric Triage Tags With Dual Wristbands The added benefit of 2 bar-coded wristbands: Provides one wristband for the patient and one for the parent or guardian. This triage tag also features a JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage prompter on the back. Features: ► Waterproof / ..
  • Firefighter REHAB Accountability System
    Firefighter REHAB Accountability System Replaces DMS-05987 Turn-Key Portable Portfolio Provides Full NFPA 1584 Compliance Be it a veteran REHAB Manager or a new volunteer, this all-in-one easy to understand kit ensures effective firefighter accountability for any NFPA compliant REHAB area.&n..
  • Tactical Triage Chest Pack Ribbon Dispenser
    Tactical Triage Chest Pack / Ribbon Dispenser 2013 EMSWorld Innovation of the Year Optimal for Lessons Learned in Tactical Medicine  Be it an MCI, Active Shooter, or Routine Medical Run, this Versatile Chest Pack is optimal for any call that requires patient treatment. After rigo..
  • Treatment Area Flag Kit
    Treatment Area Flag Kit High-Visibility Flag System Ideal for night operations or dense scenes. These self-supporting flags ensure treatment area visibility in adverse conditions. Key Features: ► 82" High for Optimal Visibility ► All-Weather, Fade-Resistant Nylon Flags ► ..